Madonna breaks Insta rules with racy spree

, Madonna breaks Insta rules with racy spree, The Nzuchi Times
, Madonna breaks Insta rules with racy spree, The Nzuchi Times

The music icon, 63, bares almost all in her latest flurry of Instagram photos – flouting the platform’s strict no-nudity rule.

Pop icon Madonna has broken Instagram’s strict rules about nudity with her latest photo spree.

The music superstar, 63, bares a nipple in one of around a dozen candid shots posted to her account today.

The pictures show Madonna in various states of undress, lounging on a bed topless and in fishnet tights.

Instagram bans nudity in photos or videos posted to the platform, including images that show female nipples – a rule that famously led to the “Free the nipple” movement.

Meanwhile, Madonna courted controversy of a different kind this week over an earlier Instagram post where she thanked those who had worked on her latest project, a cover shoot and spread for V Magazine with acclaimed photographer Steven Klein.

Referring to herself by her latest alter ego ‘Madame X’, Madonna wrote: “Against all odds and with very little support from non artistic people who kept pushing back and the fact that we did it with almost zero budget we were still able to make ART! Art is not dead if you have the strength to fight for what you believe in!

, Madonna breaks Insta rules with racy spree, The Nzuchi Times

“Thanks to all who did support us and slept on couches and worked long hours and for free all to support madame x who is not only here to disturb the peace but to keep art alive.”

But the post had many asking why Madonna – who has a net worth of $US 850 million – had people on her project working “long hours for free.”

“The definition of exploitation = People working for you for free in the name of ‘art’,” read one comment which has received thousands of likes.

“Why are people working for free and sleeping on couches when they are working for a multi millionaire? That isn’t how someone who had made it supports art!” read another top-rated comment.

“Worked for free??? Why didn’t you pay them yourself? Are you short on cash or something?” asked another.

It’s the latest in a long line of Instagram-based controversies for Madonna, who has used the social platform in recent years to spread Covid misinformation, call her own son the N-word, bizarrely Photoshop her face onto a fan’s body without explanation, and declare the Covid pandemic “the great equaliser” while lounging nude in a rose-petal-filled milk bath.

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